Hi! I’m Stevie Rae! I’m so thankful that you decided to check out my shop. Here’s a little bit about me and my small business:

Stevie Rain is a business that I began in hopes to sell unique and more sustainable clothing sourced ethically from my local thrift stores and consignment shops.

As this business has grown, I am now venturing into creating my own clothing line!

When creating this clothing line, my biggest priorities were sustainability and inclusivity. All pieces in my line are handmade and sourced ethically. In addition, almost all pieces are one of a kind and made with recycled fabrics.

Currently, my line has sizes in xs-6x available in select pieces. This is something that will continue to be a large priority as I work to improve this business every day.

And with that, I hope you enjoy your online shopping experience with me!


Business Practices


My business partners with talented seamstresses to create these beautiful pieces. One seamstress is from the US and another is from Thailand. Their designs are handmade with recycled fabrics to help reduce waste and create unique items for my shop. In addition, they decide their own pay. I keep in touch with each seamstress about every week to stay up to date with our progress. Working with them has been a dream and I’m very thankful to have their skills showcased as part of my shop.

I also work with a few wholesale companies to bring funky and colorful pieces to the shop. Before choosing the companies I wanted to work with, I did research to make sure these wholesale companies are ethical and practice fair trade standards. Furthermore, I reached out to the businesses directly to discuss their practices further.


Inclusivity is something I feel passionate about because I truly want everyone to feel welcomed and loved here. It’s terrible that those with larger bodies have limited clothing options to express themselves and I want to be a brand that has choices for every single body. Even when sourcing clothing to include in my brand, it was extremely difficult to find pieces that went past size large, maybe extra-large if I was lucky. For my first collection, I provided sizes from XS up to 3XL in select pieces. I'm happy to say that I know carry sizes XS-6X in select pieces! My goal is to continue to expand sizing in as many pieces as possible. If this clothing line continues to be successful, then I will have more resources to work towards that goal.


Small things can have a large impact! When it comes to my packaging, I try to keep waste to an extreme minimum. You know when you open up your clothing from a brand and each item is wrapped in plastic individually? I believe that is mostly unnecessary and wasteful. My items are not plastic wrapped in any way. To hold pieces together inside the package, I tie recycled fabric or twine around the bundle of clothing. Furthermore, I use mailers that are made from recycled materials.


Having an ethical, inclusive, and sustainable brand is the number one priority for me and this business. Each business decision is made with care for my customers and keeps waste reduction and ethics in mind. If you have further questions or feedback regarding any of these topics, please do not hesitate to send me a message! You can check out the “Contact” page to see how you can reach me.